Monday, February 3, 2014

NCCAT Seminars with Immediate Openings

NC educators >> Apply for these upcoming NCCAT seminars to collaborate and connect with other North Carolina educators. After spending a few days at NCCAT, you'll be refreshed and re-energized to return to your classroom with new knowledge, new skills, and new connections. 

Feb. 12-14 – Digital Learning Across the Curriculum in Cullowhee: Our students live in a digital world, with the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime. How can we first catch up with our students and then help them channel their connectivity into the pursuit of knowledge? This program will help you acquire the skills necessary to navigate the digital age, to develop technology-enriched learning experiences, and to facilitate the effective use of current and emerging digital tools. Gain confidence and skill in accessing information as you seamlessly integrate technology into your curriculum. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility. Capitalize on your students’ excitement and guide them on a safe, legal, and ethical journey into the digital universe.

Feb. 19-22 – Using Data Wisely: Formal and Informal Assessment in Cullowhee:  An increased focus on accountability is leaving many teachers feeling uncertain and afraid. Many teachers view assessment data merely as an external measure by which others can judge their value. Once we understand what the data says, we can take ownership of it and use it as a tool to inform ourselves and strengthen our practice. In addition to learning how to interpret your formal assessment scores, you will learn how to create your own reliable classroom assessments. You’ll walk back into your classroom with a number of tools that you can immediately use to improve instruction and to understand your students’ needs more fully.

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