About #NCed

#NCed chat is a bi-weekly Twitter chat for North Carolina educators and others who are interested in or invested in education. #NCed Chat will provide an opportunity for North Carolina educators to grow and develop their personal learning network (PLN) by connecting to other NC educators throughout the state.  The chat will create a forum for North Carolina educators to come together once every other week in a public Twitter conversation around topics that pertain to their work and connect with other educators with similar interests. The chats will be primarily moderated by school and district level practitioners. By incorporating the NC Department of Public Instruction into the chats, NCDPI can receive real-time feedback from educators across the state on issues that they are facing and best practices that are yielding positive results. Additionally, incorporating NCDPI into the chats will allow NCDPI to provide expert insight into issues, strategies, resources, etc. that are being shared and discussed in the chat. The chat is not intended to be a NCDPI responsibility, but instead it is intended to be a peer sharing approach for NC educators that NCDPI can supplement.

The schedule of upcoming chats and an archive of past chats can be found on the Schedule & Archives page.

#NCed Chat Leadership Team

Debby Atwater
Jamie Frye
Lucas Gillispie
Darcy Grimes
Beverly Ladd
Jayme Linton
Dayson Pasion
Alicia Ray

#NCed Chat Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Twitter Chat?
Twitter chats are online public conversations about a specific topic held on Twitter. These chats are scheduled for a specific time and date so that synchronous conversation can take place among people from anywhere in the world. Anyone can join a Twitter chat by searching a the specific hashtag assigned to the chat and reading a stream of tweets from users who are following the same chat. Generally, Twitter chats are hosted by a moderator who presents questions/topics and facilitates the conversation during the set period of time. #NCed Chat will last one hour, from 8-9 pm every other Tuesday. The chat moderator will ask questions using the format Q1, Q2, etc. Participants respond to questions using A1, A2, etc.

Why Participate in #NCed Chat?
#NCed Chat will provide you opportunities to connect with educators all over North Carolina and beyond who are interested in the same topics as you. Share resources and successes, ask questions, and earn from a group of like-minded educators. Impart your knowledge and expand your own understandings from interacting with others around our state.

Some Benefits of Joining the #NCed Twitter Chat Include:

  • Interacting with educators from all over our state
  • Learning about new resources, methods, practices, and theories
  • Sharing what you have learned to support teachers and students throughout our state
  • Asking questions and getting responses from educators just like you

Can I participate if I have never used Twitter before?
Absolutely!  he best things about a Twitter chat are the interaction among the participants and the sharing of ideas  If you are new to Twitter, we would suggest you take a few minutes to check out the Tweeternet. Learn the basics of Twitter and so much more. This website can guide you step by step from being a Twitter novice to becoming a Twitter master.

What tools can I use to participate in a Twitter chat?
Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, and Tweetchat are three tools that make participation in Twitter chats more manageable. These tools can make it easier for you to follow the stream of conversation without getting distracted by tweets that are unrelated to the chat.