Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Educators Represent NC at ISTE 2014

North Carolina was extremely well represented at this year's ISTE conference in Atlanta. I spoke with dozens of NC educators throughout the conference, and each of them was energized by the learning and connections happening at ISTE 2014. More importantly, they were all eager to take their learning back to their local contexts. These educators are leaders not only in their schools and districts but also in the state and across the country. Several of these incredible folks gathered one morning for an #NCed meet-up. Many, many other NC educators were present at ISTE but were unable to join us for the meet-up. If you were there, please leave us a comment to share a bit about your conference experience and how it will impact your work with student learning and teacher learning.

Front row, left to right: Beth Elmore, Stacy Lovdahl, Heather Mullins, Jayme Linton
Back row, left to right: Ashley Hurley, Derek McCoy, Kelly Hines, Nate Bourne, Steven Anderson, Geoff Price, Jamie Frye